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Shower refinishing process

What is the process?

As is the trick to any type of refinishing job, the preparation work is crucial. After ensuring that the bathtub is totally clean, we sand the bathtub on fiberglass tubs. This sanding removes the gloss from the initial surface and engraves the area. Millions of microscopic holes are opened on the original area of the bathtub. This will permit the new finish to pass through into the aged surface area and make a superior bond. This is an essential step - you should make certain that anyone which resurfaces your bathtub uses bonding agent.

We then once again completely tidy and dry the bathtub. We mask off all around the tub and all of the components, hang plastic sheets, and placed tarpaulins on the flooring.

A chemical reaction takes place and the brand-new finish begins to solidify. The surface coat is then applied to the bathtub reglazing utilizing a spray device. Because the new finish is used as a liquid, it molds to the aged bathtub and loads in all of the pores making the tub non-porous.

The result is a bathtub that looks much better, lasts longer, and washes easier.
What if my tub has a chip or gap in it?

We could fill in any kind of considerable cracks, chips, or openings in a tub or bath. It requires to be figured out if the dings have actually been triggered by absence of assistance beneath the tub or bath.

You could normally inform us if a tub or shower needs a lot more support by determining if there is any kind of "support" when you use pressure around the area of the crack. If it is not stiff it may need more support. We can help you with that too.

Splits, holes, and chips that are on the sides, or are not an outcome of absence of support, can be fixed as a part of our typical resurfacing process.

How long does the shower resurfacing process take?


Many bathtubs can be refinished in less than 4 hours. However, the bathtub needs to not be made use of for an additional 48 hrs after we are completed.

How will that tub or shower look after my brand-new finish? Like new.

You ought to not use harsh cleaners like Comet or Ajax, also Soft Scrub has some mild abrasives in it. You will not need to use abrasive cleaners since the brand-new surface will be non-porous and the dirt and grime need to wipe away much simpler than previously.

For normal cleansing, you need to use cleaner that is "gentle". There are many available such as Tilex and an Arm and Hammer item called "Scrub Free".

You also would like to ensure that your bathtub drys out entirely after each use. The reason for this is that water will deteriorate anything in time - even a new tub.

You need to repair leaking faucets instantly and keep hair shampoo bottles and so on off the ledge of the bathtub. No rubber mats.
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How long will the new surface last?

Just like any surface, it will at some point wear off. We offer a 5 year assurance and you need to expect in between 10 - 20 years of use prior to the tub would certainly need to be patched up or redone.

Can you use an anti-slip therapy to the bottom of the tub?
Yes, we can apply a long-term anti-slip texture to the bottom of your bathtub for a little extra cost.

How does the process smell?

The materials that we now use for shower and bathtub refinishing are low VOC and environmentally friendly. Solvents have actually been dramatically reduced. The new reduced VOC's materials cause a considerably reduced smell that dissipates too much quicker compared to older modern technology - without giving up any of the toughness and resilience our job is known for.
The smell is not harmful

The smell is not harmful - only smelly. Similar to any kind of scent, it will certainly bother some individuals a lot more that others.

Is the new surface guaranteed?

Yes - Surface Magic guarantees work done in your house for 5 years. We assure versus fading, peeling, or crazing.